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Monday, 27 January 2014

On knowing about the types of garage door openers and choosing one for your needs

You would have certainly heard a lot about the advantages of using a garage door openers. However, do you know the way it works? Well, this question needs a little thinking. First, you need to know the different types of garage door operators. There are three main forms: belt-driven, chain-driven and screw-driven. The way they function is the same, but the material used varies.

Types of garage door openers

Belt-driven operators employ direct current motor which is responsible for its signature noiseless function. This is more sophisticated and more secure as their security codes are subject to frequent changing and there isn’t any repetition of codes. Therefore, no one can decode it. If you are choosing to buy this model, get the one that has an integrated steel belt because it is more powerful in lifting garage doors.

Screw-driven operators cost less. And, it does not require frequent maintenance. Though it is not as efficient as the belt-driven model, it has a few useful features. It has a standard light beam detector which can identify if something is blocking its path and it can reverse it course so as to prevent crashing into any object or person. Besides, it has the new and enhanced rolling code system that provides your home complete security so that no one can hack into your system.

Chain driven technology is the most commonly used technology as they are much cheaper. This model has a lot of power in lifting heavier garage doors. But, it is quite noisy because of a lot of moving parts. Noise is mainly produced when the metal chain rubs against the metal trolley.

Fine, when you are choosing a garage door opener, it is better you opt for the belt-driven model if you are looking for a sophisticated device. On the other hand, if you need cheap garage door openers, you can go with the screw-driven model as they are more secure. You also get roller door openers and sliding gate motors at reasonable prices these days.

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