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Sliding Gate Motors

You may not like your old garage as you find it difficult to park your car by manually opening and closing the gate every time. It is also a matter of inconvenience when you are late for your office.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why should you buy an automatic roller door opener?

Gate openers come in different configurations designed for swing, sliding and roller gates. Swing gate motors or openers swing along a 90 degree angle and are apt for long and wide driveways with rough surfaces. Sliding gate motors or openers slide to and fro offering seamless operation of the sliding gates. Go for a swing or sliding gate opener that is durable, water-resistant and specially designed for Australian landscape and weather conditions. 

Pay utmost importance to the safety and durability factors when choosing an automatic roller door opener. Look for a service provider who provides you a demo and free installation along with a great warranty. Safety features as anti-collision sensors and manual release in case of emergency or power failure are a must have for any roller door opener. Let us look at some of the key features you should look for when buying an automatic roller door opener:
  • Auto close function
The sensors installed close the garage door automatically after a fixed time interval in case a car has entered or when there is no car movement.
  • Soft Start and Stop Function
The speed is controlled at the start and end of cycle reducing the amount of stress on the roller door and the opener.
  • Door monitoring
The door balance is constantly monitored and the user is intimated with blinking flash lights in case of imbalance.
  • Low power consumption
Latest technologies use the lowest power for operation.
  • Reduced Noise
DC motors for quiet garage door operations.
  • Compact Size
Compact design that can be fitted even if there is limited headroom.
  • Intelligent Lighting
LED lighting when the garage door opener is in use. The light is switched off automatically after a fixed time interval. 
Automatic Remote Access is Australia’s leading supplier of roller door openers, sliding gate and swing gate motors. Get Australian design high quality garage door motors at the most affordable prices.

Monday, 27 January 2014

On knowing about the types of garage door openers and choosing one for your needs

You would have certainly heard a lot about the advantages of using a garage door openers. However, do you know the way it works? Well, this question needs a little thinking. First, you need to know the different types of garage door operators. There are three main forms: belt-driven, chain-driven and screw-driven. The way they function is the same, but the material used varies.

Types of garage door openers

Belt-driven operators employ direct current motor which is responsible for its signature noiseless function. This is more sophisticated and more secure as their security codes are subject to frequent changing and there isn’t any repetition of codes. Therefore, no one can decode it. If you are choosing to buy this model, get the one that has an integrated steel belt because it is more powerful in lifting garage doors.

Screw-driven operators cost less. And, it does not require frequent maintenance. Though it is not as efficient as the belt-driven model, it has a few useful features. It has a standard light beam detector which can identify if something is blocking its path and it can reverse it course so as to prevent crashing into any object or person. Besides, it has the new and enhanced rolling code system that provides your home complete security so that no one can hack into your system.

Chain driven technology is the most commonly used technology as they are much cheaper. This model has a lot of power in lifting heavier garage doors. But, it is quite noisy because of a lot of moving parts. Noise is mainly produced when the metal chain rubs against the metal trolley.

Fine, when you are choosing a garage door opener, it is better you opt for the belt-driven model if you are looking for a sophisticated device. On the other hand, if you need cheap garage door openers, you can go with the screw-driven model as they are more secure. You also get roller door openers and sliding gate motors at reasonable prices these days.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Best Automatic Garage Door Opener Suppliers

Many people find an automatic garage door rather cool, but it is much more than that. It not only makes your life easier and faster, but also adds a kind of security to your residential or commercial building. An automatic garage door opener can be attached to almost all kinds of garage doors, including sliding gate motors, roller door openers, swing gate motors etc. If you are also looking to automate your garage door, then Australia based A R Access will prove to be the best alternative in all aspects.
A R Access is an Australia based company dealing in different types of garage doors and garage door openers, offering installation, repair and maintenance services nationwide. They are known for their quality products, timely delivery, and up-to-the-mark service. Whether you want a new garage door or motor to be installed, your old garage door or motor to be replaced, or your existing automatic garage door opener to be repaired, A R Access experts will come to your place at your convenient time, and offer your fastest and most effective service possible. You can also enroll to their regular maintenance service, for which you have to pay a one-time, or monthly, or annual maintenance fee, and all issues related to your garage door and garage door motor will be addressed by the professionals. As they regularly come to your place to check the working of your garage door, even the most minor issue can be identified and addressed within time. Thus, this kind of maintenance service can save you a lot of money, that you would have spent on sudden breaking down of your garage door.

There are lots of more services offered by A R Access, but these are only the basics. Knowing these can help you make your decision, and understand that you are hiring the best of garage door dealers in Australia.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What to look for in an ideal garage door opener?

A lot of new types of modern garage doors and door openers are flooding the market today. You might really be surprised at the numerous choices you come across. It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy an automatic roller door opener, sliding gate motors or swing gate motors, you have to keep a few guidelines in mind to make the right choice for your garage.

Types of drive – When it comes to garage door openers, there are three types of drive: screw, belt and chain. Chain drive openers are the oldest type; however, they are still popular for the low cost involved. On the other hand, they are noisy and do not make a good choice if the owner wants the premises to be quiet and calm. Belt drive openers operate with a rubber belt and are the quietest type; they are a bit expensive. The screw drive openers have a very few moving parts and need little maintenance. It is the best choice for people who want to install the garage door opener by themselves.

Power – If your garage has two doors, you need a ½ horsepower garage door opener. For a single door garage, a smaller motor is sufficient. If the door is too heavy, a ¾ horsepower model is required. When you are not sure about your needs, opt for a model with more power because the difference in price is not that significant.

Safety features –
Almost all garage door openers come with a safety mechanism that can stop and reverse a door that closes when there is a blockage. This mechanism helps in preventing damage or injury to people and pets as well as cars. However, the mechanism should be tested regularly for its efficacy.

Security features – Ensure that the garage door opener you are buying comes with a rolling code feature. This aspect will make it difficult for a potential burglar to gain access to the secret code that is required to open the door.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Factors To Consider While Buying Garage Doors Melbourne

If you are looking for garage doors Melbourne, you need to make your choice very carefully. Your garage not only provides protection to your property, but gives an impact to its entire aesthetic appeal too. There is a huge variety of garage doors available out there. You have to choose the one that is most suitable for your requirements, preferences and budget. There are certain factors that you need to consider while choosing your automatic garage door opener. R Access deals in almost all of them. Let us have a look at them.

Size: Obviously, this is the first thing you have to focus on while choosing garage doors Melbourne. The door that you choose depends on the measurements of your door opening.

Material: Garage doors can be available in a variety of material, including wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum etc. Each material has its own pros and cons, and their cost may also vary accordingly. So, you have to buy the one that is more durable than the others, as per your atmospheric conditions and other such factors.

Insulation value: Insulation factor defines your door’s ability to retain cold or heat within. You have to give this factor its due consideration, especially if you are living in an area that has extreme climatic conditions.

Style of opening: Different garage doors may open and close in different ways. There are new roller doors Melbourne, swing doors, sliding doors, etc. The one that you choose depends on the space available inside and outside the garage, the style you prefer, etc.

Functionality features: The garage doors and door openers available at AR Access are latest in style and technology. They are dedicated to making your coming in and going out as easy and fast as possible, without extra effort. You can buy an automatic garage door opener from AR Access, and your garage door will start opening and closing on its own.

So, consider these points while buying garage doors Melbourne, and make an informed choice.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Roller Garage Doors Are Very Popular

Every time you go out of your home or from your office premises, you have to operate the garage door to take your vehicle. In fact, we do not seem to notice how many times we open and close the garage doors which are used to the maximum extent possible as we are mostly preoccupied with many other thoughts. Sliding gates are used in many offices and homes as this does not restrict the space like swing gates which need enough space to open and close. The sliding gates are a good choice in case you have space restrictions. Automatic sliding gates are operated using sliding gate motors. This saves us from a lot of inconvenience as we need not get down from the car to open the gates to go indoors. Only important aspect is that we have to use the best suited sliding gate motors which are powerful enough to help in automatic sliding of gates.

New roller doors Melbourne have wide variations of roller doors which are made of various materials. Many people prefer to use roller doors as they lend elegance to the buildings along with the automated security features. New roller doors Melbourne are easy to operate and that is why new houses and offices prefer to use roller doors.

Reliability of garage doors

The automatic garage doors offer high security as these have automatic locking system. The automatic roller doors are operated with remote control which is easy to use and all you have to do is to push the buttons.

The best part is that there are a variety of cheap garage doors available in the market.  All you have to do is to check in places where you can strike a good deal or browse online to buy cheap garage doors.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Automatic Garage Doors Openers - Advanced Security With Added Convenience

Nowadays science and technology has made huge advancements. Almost everything that we can think of comes with a remote control, and with better security. You can have a fully automated garage. That way you can ensure full safety to your garage and to your cars.

Automatic garage doors open and close the garage door within few seconds, just with a finger touch on the button of remote control. These devices are efficient, convenient and easy to access. You can take the help of manual guide for learning. You can get the whole system from a manufacturer, who deals in garage door openers.

You can order them as per your requirement. They also give free installation. However, if your door is not programmed, you do not have to worry, as the manufacturer will deal with the total synchronization. You can save your time in the morning while taking your car out for office. You could also check out the net to find cheap garage doors.

General information

New roller doors in Melbourne are designed in a very simple manner, which works on the mechanism of centralized fixed panel door motors for efficient opening and closing. They have radium electric sensors in the remote control. It is easy to open with the remote from a measured distance. You don’t have to step out from your car.

  • Has solenoid lock and key system. It prevents theft.
  • Rollers have a thick coil. It comes with a warranty of two years
  • Cable monitors, which gives the visual of any obstruction
  • Have battery back up. In case you have a power cut, you can still close and open the door
  • Automatic lights on opening the shutter

You could also sigh up for maintenance contracts with the garage doors companies. They will send their technicians according to time interval mentioned on the contract, who ensure smooth functioning of your garage doors.

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